Sunday, August 31, 2014

BayesFactor version 0.9.8 released to CRAN

BayesFactor version 0.9.8 has been released on CRAN! This is a both a bug fix and feature update. From the NEWS:
  •  Fixed bugs in model enumeration code
  •  Fixed bug leading to wrong computation of number of covariate when interactions between continuous variables were included
  •  Corrected typos/old information in the documentation 
  •  Fixed a memory allocation bug that affected computing Bayes factors with lots of data 
  •  Added meta-analytic Bayes factor for t tests (see meta.ttestBF)
  •  Fixed bug in ttestBF that yielded Bayes factor of NaN for very extreme posterior interval probabilities
  •  Fixed several bugs causing infinite integrals; generally improved integration
  •  Added check to ensure no missing data before analyses
  •  Added callbacks for access by third-party interfaces
See also the new entry in the manual for meta-analytic t tests. In addition to these changes, most of the code for contingency table analysis has been added; these functions will be released in the next update.


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