Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Call for papers: Bayesian statistics, at Zeitschrift für Psychologie

I am guest editing a special topical issue of Zeitschrift für Psychologie on Bayesian statistics. The complete call, with details, can be found here: [pdf]. Briefly:
As Bayesian statistics become part of standard analysis in psychology, the Zeitschrift für Psychologie invites papers to a topical issue highlighting Bayesian methods. We invite papers on a broad range of topics, including the benefits and limitations of Bayesian approaches to statistical inference, practical benefits of Bayesian methodologies, interesting applications of Bayesian statistics in psychology, and papers related to statistical education of psychologists from a Bayesian perspective. In addition to suggestions for full original or review articles, shorter research notes and opinion papers are also welcome. 
We invite scholars from various areas of scholarship, including but not limited to psychology, statistics, philosophy, and mathematics, to submit their abstracts on potential papers.
Abstracts are due at the end of July. Critiques and articles about the history of Bayesian statistics are also welcome.


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